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    Innovative. Customized. Responsive

    Our Web Development Team utilizes the latest and most advanced coding techniques for all of our Web Design clients. If you’re looking for a website or re-design, give us a try!

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    • fulfillment

      The core of SKU2U Fulfillment's service offering is our Order Fulfillment Service. It is what we are known for worldwide. From efficiently filling your Product Orders to maintaining your inventory in one of our warehouses, SKU2U has been a proven leader in the fulfillment industry. With over 7,000,000 shipments under our belt, you can count on SKU2U to deliver.

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    • web development

      By implementing the latest and greatest technologies and coding methods, SKU2U has delivered numerous websites and platforms to both start-ups and Fortune 500’s. We go much further than your standard point and click website. From intuitive mobile platforms to extensive e-commerce applications,
      we have done it all.

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    • contact center

      Call centers are a thing of the past. In today’s world, you need to be managing your communications via email, phone, chat, web and social media. SKU2U Fulfillment maintains and has developed a cutting edge system to accommodate all of these contact sources and provide our clients with endless options to manage their communications.

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    Numbers Matter to us

  • 49.5% 1.4% 49.1%
    • Shipped before scheduled date ........ 130,543(49.5%)
    • Shipped on scheduled date ........ 129,488(49.1%)
    • Shipped after scheduled date ........ 3693(1.4%)

    Service Levels

    At SKU2U Fulfillment, we are always striving to offer our clients the most efficient and fastest shipping in the industry. Every order that we receive is guaranteed to be on its way to your customer the very next day. In most cases, as you see to the left, your customers order will leave our warehouse the same day we receive it. At SKU2U, we give you express quality shipping at standard Ground Rates. Just about every package leaving our warehouse arrives to your customer within 3 days of them placing their order.

  • 99.97%

    Accuracy Rate

    Since day 1, SKU2U has invested a great amount of time and energy into making sure your orders are packed 100% correctly, 100% of the time. We do this by customizing our systems around your company and products. This allows us to apply our logic to the data you pass us. Instead of treating 100 orders as 100 individual orders, our logic allows us to group all ‘like orders’ together and fulfill them in an ‘assembly line’ type of process, the most efficient way known to man. The number you see to the left demonstrates the amount of effort and energy we put into making sure your customers receive what they ordered, every time. Of course, we are human and mistakes do happen, but we are so proud of our Accuracy Rate, that we publish it right on the website for you to see.

  • 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 300000
    • March 2016 ........ 250,111 orders
    • April 2016 ........ 250,956 orders
    • May 2016 ........ 264,770 orders

    Monthly Order Volumes

    Fulfillment of your products is our Core Business at SKU2U. From opening our doors in 2009, we never would have thought that we would be fulfilling hundreds-of-thousands of orders each and every month. We remember celebrating our first 100 shipment day back in 2010 to our first 1000 shipment day a few short months later. As you see to the left, we consistently ship over 250,000 packages each month and that number keeps growing.

  • What our clients say about us

    We have been working with SKU2U Fulfillment since 2013 and have been constantly pleased with the partnership. SKU2U has handled our consumer call center, website development, ecommerce order...
    Jeremy B, Marketing Director
    Partnering with is important to note my selection of the word PARTNER...that is what this relationship is...not a traditional Vendor/Supplier/Customer relationship. Partnership can...
    Robert G, Director of Operations
    Working every day with is like working with the creative genius and customer experience of Apple Computer and the fire power, pricing and Customer Care of Amazon! Whether you're...
    Peter H, Director of Operations
    SKU2U has always exceed my expectations. As a client, they have always provided me with the best customer service, this includes but not limited to: emails, reports, calls on time with a clear...
    Rosalinda G, Account Manager
    SKU2U is one of the most reliable companies I have worked with. I have worked with them on long-term and short-term assignments, and I have never had any problems with expediting fulfillment or...
    W. Garrett O
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